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Pokemon Crown zenith Galarian Moltres Tin

Pokemon Crown zenith Galarian Moltres Tin

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Legendary pokemon from galar charge into battle

three fearsome legendary pokemon have arrived from the galar region! with their own unique type and powers, they're forces to be reckoned with. Add this power to your pokemon TCG collection and see for yourself! Will you choose the atrocious attitude of galarian articuno, the zippy zeal of galarian zapdos, or the malevolent malice of galarian moltres? regardless of your choice, you'll also find 5 booster packs from the special pokemon TCg: crown zenith expansion and a code card for for pokemon TCG live!

The pokemon TCg: crown zenith tin includes:

1 full art foil promo card featuring galarian moltres

5 pokemon TCG: crown zenith booster packs

A code card for pokemon TCG live