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Digimon Tamagotchi Yellow

Digimon Tamagotchi Yellow

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Bandai Digimon is the unique Digital Monster from cyberspace.
Accessed from Megalithic Mainframe, DigiMon comes to you to be hatched, raised and trained for the ultimate monster match a cyber showdown between one DigiMon and another.
With the exclusive dock n rock action, you link up your DigiMon with your friends DigiMon only one will win! Who will reign victorious? It depends on how well you raised and trained your DigiMon.
Feed him well; train him thoroughly. For when the time comes for DigiMon to return to the Megalithic Mainframe, his ultimate honor is to be the strongest!
Controlling a virtual reality monster is an awesome responsibility. Your Digimon has journeyed far to be trained by you. Train your DigiMon well, and you will be rewarded with a DigiMon that is the strongest!
What kind of DigiMon will you raise?