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Hot Wheels Car Culture McLaren F1

Hot Wheels Car Culture McLaren F1

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Price: £9.99

Features awesome 1:64 scale vehicles with realistic castings and authentic decos
This premium assortment features a variety of special categories and themes that appeal to kids
Kids ages 3 and up will love the realistic detail and the fantastic features of both new and retro vehicles
New Hot Wheels models and castings enhance collectability
Car enthusiasts will find a brilliant selection of vehicles known around the world to add to their collections
Contents: 1 x 1:64 scale Hot Wheels vehicle

The Hot Wheels Car Culture Circuit Legend collection features a premium assortment of Hot Wheels 1:64 scale vehicles that collectors and Hot Wheels newcomers will love. 
Each model highlights the realistic castings, awesome decos and signature wheels of the Hot Wheels brand that kids and collectors enjoy. Car enthusiasts will find these a must-have!