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Page Punchers Black Adam 3" Figure With Comic

Page Punchers Black Adam 3" Figure With Comic

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Centuries ago, the same wizard that granted Billy Batson the powers of Shazam!, bestowed mystical powers upon a pure-of-heart youth in ancient Egypt. But when the boy tried to share his power to save his dying uncle, his uncle stole it and became the legendary Super-Villain known as Black Adam! Black Adam has the same magical abilities as his Super Hero nemesis, Shazam!, but Adam’s powers come from the Egyptian gods. Shu grants him stamina; Heru, speed; Amon, strength; Zehuti, wisdom; Aton, power; and Mehen, courage. Black Adam can also fly and is virtually invincible.

Product Features:

Packed with a pocket sized hero or villain at a 3” scale based on the DC Multiverse
5 points of articulation to Punch and Kick
Black Adam is based on his look from the Endless Winter Comics
Comes packaged in a blister pack with an English only reprint of your favorite comics that the figure is based on
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