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Willow Tree Forget Me Not Hanging Ornament

Willow Tree Forget Me Not Hanging Ornament

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Includes gift tag with sentiment:

'Holding thoughts of you closely'

An expression of love, friendship and caring... or a gift to express sympathy, comfort and healing ...or for those who love flowers| This ornament is a smaller sized version of Forget-me-not 26454 with brown elastic cord for hanging. Forget-me-not is a thinking of you piece, with a universal message. She represents timeless friendship and love that spans any distance. She's also another flower to add to the garden of colourful figures which includes Sunshine , Beautiful Wishes, Surrounded by Love, Bloom and Happiness. This ornament include a gift tag with the sentiment 'Holding thoughts of you closely'.

Height: 10.5cm
Width: 3.0cm
Depth: 3.0cm